Friday, December 17, 2010



New Energy Technologies is developing the first-of-its kind SolarWindow™ technology, which enables see-thru windows to generate electricity by ‘spraying’ their glass surfaces with New Energy’s electricity-generating coatings.

  • Almost 2-fold greater output power density than monocrystalline silicon, an established commercial solar cell material;
  • More than 8-fold greater output power density than copper-indium-selenide, known for its high optical absorption coefficients and versatile optical and electrical characteristics; and
  • More than 10-fold greater output power density than flexible thin-film amorphous-silicon, a popular ‘second-generation’ solar thin-film material.
  • World’s smallest known organic solar cells
  • Generates electricity from artificial light as well as natural light sources
  • Does not require expensive high-temperature or high-vacuum production

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