Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BRIDGE TO INDIA  |  i-am-a-rooftop-owner  |  FOR ROOFTOP OWNERS

BRIDGE TO INDIA develops a solar power plant for industrial and commercial rooftops of size 100,000 sq.ft. and above.  BRIDGE TO INDIA sets up a solar power plant on your rooftop at ZERO INVESTMENT from your side. We pay you a lease for your rooftop and take complete responsibility for acquiring permits, construction, as well as maintenance and operation of the power plant at NO additional effort of yours.

The benefits to you include:

ZERO INVESTMENT from your side:  There is absolutely no investment needed from you as the rooftop owner. We invest 100% in the solar plant.
Additional income stream from the lease of rooftop: Lease your rooftop to us and ensure a guaranteed income.
NO hassles: We will manage the permits, construction, maintenance and operations at ZERO EFFORT form your side.
A unique branding opportunity for the building and your company: This model is unique and first of its kind in India. You can become a solar pioneer.
Green power: The whole world is investing into going green. You can do it at ZERO COST."

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